Remember our Fallen

Remember our Fallen is a travelling photographic war memorial that honors our country's military fallen from the war on terror. Because 9/11 was such a defining moment, this memorial includes our country's fallen since that tragic day in our nations history.

For more information about this travelling war memorial, visit their website

The Travelling Memorial will be on display

July 23-26th, 2020

during the Lincoln County Fair

Become a Sponsor
either as a business or in memory of a loved one
Receive a memorial plaque to hang in your business, plus all the lower level sponsor perks.
Receive a memorial plaque with your business name or in memory of.
You will be in all printed material for the Lincoln County Fair.
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If you are interested in purchasing a memorial plaque or sponsoring the travelling memorial, please contact Shari at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds office.

Thank You to our Current Sponsors