All LIVE ANIMAL entries must be pre-entered for County Fair

Entry deadline July 1, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

All animals exhibited must be free from disease and parasites. The committee reserves the right to reject any or all entries which cannot qualify under this provision.

DIVISION 6 - Poultry

A PREMISE ID NUMBER IS REQUIRED AT PREFAIR ENTRY. Sick or unhealthy animals will not be accepted.

Pre-entered animals must be brought to the Poultry building on Wednesday from 5-9 p.m.

Entry Limits: Each exhibitor may only enter a total of 8 pens/entries, this includes 1 market broiler pen and fowl pens.  Also, within a species (chickens, ducks, geese, etc.) an exhibitor may only enter 2 birds per sex in one breed (2 cockerels, 2 pullets, 2 cocks, 2 hens).

Each animal can only be shown in one division.

Entries must be fed and watered.

Exhibitor entries will be caged by exhibitor NOT by breed.  Cages and exhibits must be kept neat and clean or they will be dismissed from the show.

Sick, unhealthy, or parasite infested birds will not be accepted. Any bird entered at fair that becomes less than show quality can be excluded from judging.

After judging, those not taken care of will not receive premium monies.

All birds will have an ID band, if you are in need of one please contact the Lincoln County Extension Office.

Birds must be shown by the Exhibitor whose name is on the entry card.


Registration is Closed


101      Trio (mature) one cock, 2 hens

102      Cockerel, current year hatch

103    Cock

104    Pullet, current year hatch

105     Hen

Best in Show - Rosette


106      Trio, 1 drake, 2 hens

107      Young Drake, current year hatch

108      Old Drake

109      Young Hen, current year hatch

110       Old hen


Best in Show - Rosette




111      Pair, 1 gander, 1 goose

112      Young Gander, current year hatch

113      Old Gander

114      Young Goose, current year hatch

115      Old Goose


Best in Show - Rosette




116      Trio (mature) 1 tom, 2 hens

117      Young Hen – current year hatch

118      Young Tom – current year hatch

119      Turkey Hen

120      Turkey Tom

Best in Show - Rosette



Trio & Pairs

Blue      $2.00

Red       $1.75

White    $1.50



Blue      $2.00

Red       $1.75

White    $1.50