mudapalooza mud volleyball

Due to Covid-19, this event has been cancelled for 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Rules & Regulations

1. There must be at least 3 women players in the pit at all times during the game.

2. All players must be 18 years of age and have a signed waiver prior to game.

3. Once a player has signed in on a specific roster, he/she is a member of that team and may only play for that team.

4. Rally scoring is in effect, points will be scored on each serve, recreational format.

5. Double elimination will be used to determine champions.

6. The ball must be served behind the rear line.

7. The first 2 matches will be played to 20 points. If a 3 rd game is needed it will be played to 15 points.

8. Referee must announce the score prior to serve.

9. Server CANNOT load ball with mud prior to serve.

10. Players must rotate clockwise when receiving the ball to serve.

11. A maximum of 3 hits to a side. A player may not hit the ball twice in succession.

12. Only the front line is allowed to spike or block.

13. Rules are subject to referee’s interpretation and are final. There will be no protests. Please remember common courtesy, the Refs are not officials, they are players like you.

14. Roster changes allowed until the 1 st game.

15. If the ball hits the net or rope, it is considered in play.

Lincoln County Fairgrounds

Lincoln County Ag Society

5015 Rodeo Road Ave

North Platte, Nebraska


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