Lincoln County JR Raceway

The Lincoln County JR Raceway creates the opportunity for kids to experience the thrill of dirt track racing in a

safe and controlled environment.

The JR Raceway is a 1/10 mile Go Kart Dirt Race Track that is not only for kids to enjoy, but a way for the whole family to spend a day enjoying the sport of racing!

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Lincoln county JR raceway

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Lincoln County Jr Raceway Go Karts Kids Dirt Track Racing

New Classes being added for 2021.

We are adding the classes of out of box (Hoosier Predator) lite and heavy for the season.

Notice!! If you plan on running any Hoosier Predator series events. The Ducar 212 motor and non Hoosier tires are illegal. The addition of the motor and the allowance of running out of existing tires are only allowed at our track along with McCook mini speedway.

Class structure is as follows

- Lite

- 212 Hemi Predator part #60363 (see predator engine rules)

- Drum / Shoe Clutch

- Weenie Pipe (Refer to NKA 40.4.6)

- Hoosier D20 Treaded Tires (See Tires Rules)

- 325 LBS Minimum weight

- Heavy

- 212 Hemi Predator part #60363 (see predator engine rules)

- Drum / Shoe Clutch

- Weenie Pipe (Refer to NKA 40.4.6)

- Hoosier D20 Treaded Tires (See Tires Rules)

- 360 LBS Minimum weight

- Tire sizes are as follows

- Left Front: 11.0 x 5.5 - 6

- Right Front: 11.5 x 9.0 -6

- Left Rear: 11.0 x 6.5 - 6

- Right Rear: 11.5 x 9.0 - 6

- ABSOLUTELY NO PREP! No tire softeners, no conditioners, no altering of tires with any natural or unnatural chemicals, no hazardous or nonhazardous components or chemicals which alter the factory set baseline settings of a given tire.

- Durometer test will be enforced at every event!

- Tires CANNOT be Washed, Grinded, Cut, Siped, Grooved, Etc.,

- 1 mm. minimum tread depth (Measured on the center treads of the tire)

- 1 set of tires per event

Flat Kart Predator Engine Rules:

- The engine is to remain stock as it is from factory and will be teched in comparison to a stock engine:

- Harbor Freight Predator 212cc Hemi motor. Part number 60363, must run thick head gasket. Also May run the Ducar 212

- Removal of governor ok

- Removal of the fuel tank is mandatory

- Must use Stock air box and Stock Filter (you may add extra foam the filter)

- No modifications to the air box, All extra holes must be plugged

- Valve cover vent must go to the air box. No catch cans allowed

- 031 no go on main jet

- Low-speed jet will not be teched.

- Valve springs will be teched to clone 10.8 and 18-pound checks.

- No valve spring shims allowed

- Weenie pipe and muffler. Refer NKA 40.4.6: mini/weenie exhaust system

- Header must be wrapped but not muffler.

- Drum/shoe type clutch only

- Cam lift and duration will be teched against a stock Harbor Freight 212cc Predator Hemi engine part number 60363

Protest Rules:

- Complete engine tear down and inspection: $200

- Protest fee’s must presented to the promoter before the feature event starts, the day or night the said protest is to take place. (Cash Only)

- If the protested is found to beto be legal, the protested will receive $120

- If the protested is found to be illegal, the protester will receive will receive $120

Meet The Track Promoters

Paul Doudney

Paul Doudney is married to Suzanne Doudney and has 2 boys, Will and Joey. Paul has always been involved in some form of motorsports. Early in his life, he spent a lot of time at the drag strip traveling all over the country working on cars. After starting a family, his love for the dirt track was re-ignited and he learned everything he could from Jay Steffens. He now works on and sponsors several racers. As a family, the Doudneys have been active in the local dirt track scene for a very long time and are very excited to have the opportunity to co-promote Lincoln County Jr. Raceway.