Linco Ag & Education Center


The Lincoln County Fairgrounds has been at its current location since 1944 and has impacted the lives of countless individuals.  Lincoln County 4-H members have been able to exhibit their special products and projects; and over 5,000 individuals attend the fair and other events each year.

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Welcome to the Linco Ag & Education Center at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

This multi-function facility will consist of three areas that can be used together for one event or separately for multiple events at one time.


The new building committee has worked for a few years on what we feel is the perfect design for the fairgrounds and Lincoln County. It’s our time to attract even more people to our area for events instead of other cities up and down the interstate.

North Platte is the ideal area for a new facility. Our Central location has opened up potential opportunities to host larger scale events - dog shows, cattle and horse shows, a large number of rodeo events, barrel races, team roping's, and even an event that is  growing in popularity ... Mounted Cowboy Shooting.

Our current facilities are not equipped to host many of the events that has been requested. The New Linco Ag & Education Center would allow new opportunities to happen that currently don't exist in our area. This facility would allow us to think bigger!

Many projects, including the Linco Ag & Education Center, was halted when the pandemic hit. For months we couldn’t meet in person for board meetings, we couldn’t go visit friends and supporters of our project and at times, it felt like the project was lost. We received lots of questions over the past year about the status of the building and if we were moving forward. These inquiries enticed us to re-energized our committee to move this project forward.

North Platte has so many great things happening right now. The Canteen District, the new movie theater, many new restaurants are opening, and who can forget about District 177. We couldn't think of a better time to kick-off this project.

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Bonus parking and a great view from the Highway will provide the NEW Lincoag & Education Center with the opportune location for rodeo, 4-H, convention, sports, and other events for the Lincoln County area. 

new_P-1-0 Area Plan 10-13-2021.jpg


The Floor Plan of the Linco Ag & Education center is versatile.

Arena space is 157' x 300' with

130' x 200' dirt floor arena, with approximately 1,100 permanent seats.

Outdoor Space has an 80' x 120' open-sided "lean too" for tie outs, stalling, etc... with an 80' x 80' enclosed area for wash outs and restroom facilities, including showers.

Second floor contains a 40' x 80' meeting room.

new_P-1-1 Presentation Floor Plan 10-13-2021.jpg


Front Concourse will feature (2) office areas; (2) 30' x 60' classroom/rental spaces; concession area with an education kitchen and restroom facilities; option to open the entire front concourse area up to seat approximately 500.  

Donate today! Help us reach our Goal

The Lincoln County Ag Society is committed to putting a shovel in the ground once at least $6 Million has been raised towards the project total.





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